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How to install Windows 7 on a SSD.

This Tutorial addresses:
Installing Windows 7 on a SSD.

Now that you've just bought your first SSD and are wanting to install your Windows Operating System on it to get that much improved performance there is some preparation first.
The SSD wants to be installed on an SSD port controlled by the Intel chipset or Sata port 1, then in the bios the sata controller wants to be changed to AHCI if it already isn't. This will give the SSD the best performance when Windows is installed on it.

While in the bios or going into the bios you will need to change the boot sequence to the DD drive being the first option. Save and exit and during the restart insert the Windows disc into the DVD drive.

Step 2.
Upon boot up you will get this screen and follow the onscreen instruction to Install.

Step 3.
Then you will get this screen;

Which will let you know that the install process is beginning.

Step 4.
This next screen will ask you for some information which is pretty basic.

Then you will get a screen asking if you want to do an upgrade or a custom install, you will need to choose which you want.

Step 5.
These next two screens will show you what you have for destination options to install Windows 7 on to. If you just have the SSD connected then you will see one option, how ever if you have any other hard drives connected to the computer then they will show up here as possible install destinations.
It would be a good idea to disconnect all other drives so there is no confusion but it is not necessary.

Step 6.
The next screen will show the install progress and it will let you know what it is doing and the approximate time left.

With the process still ongoing as it gets near completion the check marks will show each part as it installs and a progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows how much is left.

Step 7.
Once the progress bar has completed across the screen you will get this next screen to show that the install is continuing.

Then it will let you know it is preparing the desktop.

Step 8.
The next few screens will have you setting your time zone and networking options along with the name of the computer and you will get to the last important screen where you will be entering in your activation code for Windows.

Once the code is verified you will then go into the desktop and you are finished.

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