How to Improve FPS Rate with an NVIDIA Graphics Card and Windows 7

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Things you may need:
NVIDIA graphics card
NVIDIA Control Panel

Now to the actual tutorial.

How to improve fps with the NVIDIA control panel.
1. Open up your NVIDIA control panel
2. You should see a column on the left, with 3 options, 3D settings, Display, Video. You are going to want to go into the 3D settings and click "Adjust System Settings with Preview."
2. Now there should be the NVIDIA logo in 3D spinning around. You should see 3 bullet points towards the bottom of the page called "Let the 3D application decide, Use the advanced 3D image settings, and Use my preference emphasizing. Go on the last one and now the little slider bar should appear under those 3 options. You are going to want to slide your slider all the way to the left so that it is set do performance mode.
3. It won't make a HUGE difference but it definitely helped for me. Hope I helped you guys too.

How to help improve fps on Windows 7
1. Go to the taskbar where it shows your network, battery life, sound, and time.
2. Click on the battery icon.
3. There should be an option to select a power plan, choose "High Performance" if it is not on that already.

I also know that these aren't the best tips in the book but they are the basic ones to get you started. Have a good day :)