How to build a " Top End Computer ".

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This tutorial isn't going to be about building a computer or even a High end computer it will be about building a "Top End Computer". For those individuals who can decide to build a computer with no budget no matter the cost can build a Top End Computer, one that spares no expense. Naturally some thought has to go into the selection of the parts since you just can't go out and buy any high end part and think it will work seamlessly with the rest of the parts.

Remember there is no budget.

Step 1.
The case. Starting out the first part will be the case and it does have to be a full tower so that we're no cramped for space and we have plenty of space to place all these expensive toys comfortably inside.

These are two examples of high quality full tower cases and they are not the only ones available there are a lot to choose from and I could certainly fill this page up with a lot of choices. A case is mostly a personal choice anyway as it is going to be what you like to look at since it will be sitting at your desk in plain view. The Cooler Master Cosmos is a big tower with a great design as is the HAF-X, the new Corsair Obsidian 900D is also a great case.

Step 2.
The CPU. This is the heart of the computer and being a Top End Build this needs to be the best available. Currently there are actually a couple of candidates and they are all Intel models.
The Sandy Bridge-E i7=3960x and i7-3970x along with the Ivy Bridge i7-4960x. Since were going for the best we'll choose the i7-4960x as it is the latest and greatest.

To match up with this processor we will go with the about to be released Asus Rampage IV Black Edition.

The reason for this choice is pretty obvious since it is a revision of the regular Rampage IV model that is specifically designed for the Ivy Bridge-E processor. No bios update needed here as the CPU will be ready to go as soon as it's installed. The motherboard is also designed to take advantage of all the improvements of the CPU.

Step 3.
The Heatsink. Being the extreme model and able to overclock to some serious high speeds there will be a need for a good heatsink. The Noctua D-14 is the best there is for air and you may want to consider the closed loop type. The Corsair H-110 will do a good job dissipating the heat from a high overclock.

Naturally there are other brands so you can choose the one that you like just make sure that it's a dual radiator and it can accommodate two fans one each side for push/pull and better cooling performance.

Step 4.
Ram. Any Top machine will have to have other top components and the Corsair Vengeance Pro will do nicely. If your going with the closed loop cooler you won't have to worry about clearance for the heat spreaders. If you go with the Noctua D-14 then you may want to consider the Lp model.

There would be choices here about how much to get if you were building a normal computer on a budget and you might be deciding between 8gb and 16gb depending on the usage of the Pc. Here though with no budget we'll just load up and go with 32gb and while the Motherboards capacity is 64gb I don't want to stress the memory sockets with a full load. There have been some instances where 64gb has caused issues just because of the maxing out the capacity.

Step 5.
Video cards. You'll notice that cards is plural and naturally we will be going with two video cards. The just released R9-290x will be the choice here and two SAPPHIRE 100361SR Radeon R9 290X 4GB GDDR5 Video Cards will absolutely put you over the top and play any and every game at maxed out settings and resolution even the new 4K resolution and multiple monitors.

These two in crossfire will out perform a pair of Titans unless Nvidia comes up with a driver or firmware magic act.

Step 6.
OS drive and storage drive. The new Asus Raidr is a Pci-e SSD of 240gb that is bootable.

Not only will it give you a faster read/write speed over the conventional SSD and give you outstanding performance for the Operating System but it also will support a Ran Drive. Remember that 32gb of Ram? We'll it's not going to waste because you can use up to 80% of it for a Ram Drive and further add to the already fast performance of this Pc.
The storage drive can also be a SSD as they are now shipping 1Tb SSD drives.
We'll go with the Tb Samsung EVO SSD, If you feel that for your preference you want more then you can add another or add a conventional HDD to expand the storage capacity, your choice.

Step 7.
The Power Supply. Now we really need a powerful PSU here to run things and be ready for any additions. 1500w Seems about right and I just happen to have one in mind.
EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 1500 Classified 80 PLUS GOLD Certified 1500W .
This is a fully modular power supply with an amazing selection of cables to ensure that anything you wish to connect can be.

That will about do it and anyone that is considering building this does not need step by step instructions on how to put it together, there's too much money involved to be doing this without experience.
The rest of the parts are DVD drives , mouse and keyboard, speakers and if necessary a sound card although the Motherboards built in sound chip will give you 7.1 sound and is High quality.
If a sound card is desired the Asus Xonar Essence STX will add Dolby Digital and other features.
Naturally there are other sound cards and a preference to you own needs will determine that card.

There it is the absolute top of the pile computer that will give you bragging rights over anybody.