How do I set up a Netgear Router

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Setting up a router.

Something that can be very confusing to the average person is how to set up a router and/or wireless router. These are two very different pieces of equipment that work to the same end, connecting your devices to the internet.
A. The router will do this by connecting Ethernet cables from each device to the router.
B. The wireless router will connect by both wires and wirelessly.
Before purchasing either one you need to determine which one will best suit your needs.

Netgear Router.
With setting up a router you need to have all the cables run to the devices that your going to connect and anytime that you want to add a device it will have to have the cable run to it for connection.

a. First thing you do is to unbox the router and make sure that all the accessories are there that are supposed to be there.
b. Then you can turn on the router, not all the leds will light up as you are just starting the connection phase.
c. Connect the router to the main computer by CAT 6 cable and then connect the router to the Cable internet modem by another CAT 6 cable.
d. More leds should light up and at this point you can power cycle the router and modem so that they are in sync and recognize each other.

Going to the computers web browser you can enter in the routers address and a login screen will appear. Enter in the default user name and password that came with the router and once in the password can be changed for added security.
From connecting the router to the modem there should now be an IP address registered in the connections tab. In reading the owners manual you can make sure that if there are any other options that you want to enable you can do so now.
Exit the routers internal setup and launch the web browser to ensure that you can surf the web.

If there are additional computers or devices that are to be connected you can now start connecting them one at a time verifying that each one can connect.

Netgear Wireless router
Setting up a wireless router will involve a few more steps and the manufacturer may have included a software disc to set up the wireless router.
You will still need to power up the router and connect it to the main computer as well as the modem and there will be options that you will be asked to choose from. The basic thing to do first here is getting the wireless router set up and connected even if it's to just one computer.

For the most part the setup disc will do most of the work but you have to be ready to do the physical stings like connecting cables and turning devices on or off. After the connections are made and the disc is finished you will need to verify internet connection. Once that is done you can go into the Wireless router internal settings and change the default setting like SSID, username and password to those that are unique to you. You can also set the encryption strength to your liking.
Any changes that you made need to be written down and kept someplace for easy access in case you forget them.
Any other devices and/or computers can be added to the wireless router and you can have your own network group.