Running Windows 8 system refresh

Windows 8
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Title:Running Windows 8 system refresh

The following guide will walk you through refreshing your PC. Refreshing will uninstall any manually installed applications; Apps from the store and your data will be kept on the system. To be careful though it is important to create data backups prior to running this guide just to double protect yourself.

[_] Windows 8 system
[_] Administrative account

1. Bring up the right side context menu and select 'Settings'

2. In the 'Settings' menu select "Change PC settings"

3. In the 'PC settings' popup select 'General'

4. In the 'General' section scroll down to 'Refresh your PC...' and click [Get started]

5. In the 'Refresh your PC' popup select [Next]

6. Your system will then prepare itself, On the 'Ready to refresh your PC' select [Refresh]

7. Your system will now restart after reconfiguring itself. It will take a while but the system has to essentially reload itself and make sure everything is functional, it'll reboot again, then startup as usual.

8. When the system returns you to the login screen use your previous login ID. The system will start walking you through the initial setup for the user, this is expected after a refresh, standby while it completes.

Refreshing your PC is a drastic step, but it should return to you a functional system that is more responsive. If you are planning to sell your system you will want to run