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Where do I find or set the wpa2 password for my network?

This Tutorial addresses:
Your network needs to be kept at a secure level to prevent unauthorized access. This can be done in a number of ways and the best way is with the wpa2 password.
Initially the password security was with the WEP key (wired equivalent privacy) and for it's time was sufficient as a 40-bit or 104-bit encryption key
Over time that was changed to wpa (Wi-Fi protected access) and used Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) for the internet security protocol. Providing a much more secure access.

To find or set your router wpa2 password .

Step 1.
On a computer that is connected to your network you will need to open your browser and enter the routers address into the address bar at the top of the screen. The routers address is usually on a sticker at the base of the router or on the side of it. It will look something like this; and once you enter it in the address bar you can hit enter on the keyboard.

Step 2.
Once the routers address is entered and the enter key is pressed you will get a login screen to enter the routers internal settings.

This username and password to enter the router is not the wpa or wpa2 password and it is only for entering the router manually.

Step 3.
Once the username and password have been accepted and you are in the routers internal settings you can navigate to the security tab or administration tab depending on the particular brand of router that you have.

Under the security tab you will see the various options you your networks security and you will see the drop down where you can select wpa2.
once selected you will then have the option to enter in the password or pass phrase that will be used as the wpa2 password.

Once the entries are made and you are finished you can then exit the router.

To check the password you can connect a computer or device that wasn't previously on the network to log that device onto the network.

Your network now has a wpa2 secure password.
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