System Image Backup Windows 7 and 8

Windows 7 Image Computers Backup External Hard Drive
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Whichever program* you use for creating a System Image the process is much faster with a second Internal HDD however, most people choose an External HDD if they have more than one computer in the home. This allows you to use a 500GB to 2TB External HDD to backup several computers on the same drive.

To use the same program on several computers you simply need to change the folder name on the backup drive "temporarily". For example: Windows 7 creates a folder on your backup drive called "WindowsImageBackup" Simply go into the backup drive and add the number one (1) to the front of the folder e.g. "1WindowsImageBackup".

Now you can backup another Windows 7 computer on the same backup drive and allow it to make a new WindowsImageBackup folder. After that has completed put the number two (2) in front of the new folder e.g. 2WindowsImageBackup.

When you are ready to make a new system image backup for the first computer, just rename the folder from 1WindowsImageBackup to the default folder name: WindowsImageBackup. When you begin the new backup for computer #1 it will find the default folder and create the new backup inside that folder. Just do the same thing with all the computers in the home and you'll be just fine.

Remember. Always make a "System Image Backup" as often as you can, especially when you have installed software upgrades, new programs or almost a month has passed since your last backup.

*Use the instructions above to temporarily change the name of the default folder on your External HDD to backup multiple computers in your home (soho).

Illustration using Windows Utility: Backup and Restore:

Then temporarily change the name of the first image backup folder: