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Rulers Are Not Visible in MS Word 2013

This Tutorial addresses:
As per the default configuration of MS Word 2013, both horizontal and vertical rulers are kept hidden in order to make enough room for the contents to fit in. The reason why these rulers are not mostly used by the home users is that it is not common that the users would create the objects with accurate measurements, or would need the rulers to make proper adjustments or alignments.

However, these are just the assumptions.

The fact is, users are smart these days and they surely need rulers to type the contents with precise alignments and tab stops. Also, MS Word is no more used as a simple text editor. With all the additional features that the new version of the application has, the package is now also used to prepare professional documentations such as e-books, user manuals, etc.

Considering this, Microsoft allows users to unhide the rulers with just a few mouse clicks. In fact it is suggested that you should always enable/unhide the vertical and horizontal rulers as soon as you start using the MS office package. The limitation to enabling/un-hiding the rulers is that both vertical and horizontal rulers can be enabled or disabled simultaneously. There is no option available in MS Word to enable or disable vertical and horizontal rulers separately.

Working with rulers (hiding or un-hiding them) is a user specific task. This means, if a computer has multiple user accounts, the rulers must be manually enabled or disabled for each user account individually.

Below is the process using which you can hide or unhide vertical and horizontal rulers in MS Word 2013:

  1. Log on to the computer using the account on which the rulers are to be hidden or unhidden.

  2. Click Start button.

  3. At the bottom of the Start menu, in the search box, type WINWORD and hit Enter key.

  4. On the opened MS Word interface, go to the VIEW tab.

  5. From the Show section, check or uncheck the Ruler checkbox to unhide or hide the vertical and horizontal rulers in MS Word respectively.

  • Note: Once the rulers are hidden or unhidden, the settings remain persistent for all MS Word documents on that particular user account.
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