WinRAR Takes More than Usual Time to Compress

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Although there are several other compression applications available out there on the Internet that are easy to use and have efficient approach when it comes to compressing the contents professionally, WinRAR is the one that is still most commonly used by both home users and incorporate environments.

The reason behind this popularity is that WinRAR allows users to choose the most appropriate compression method as per their requirements. The above scenario might be the result of misconfiguration of WinRAR application. You, as an end-user, might have tried to modify the compression method or to improve the quality of the compression in order to enhance the performance or the compression speed.

A few points that you must always keep in mind when working with any compression application such as WinRAR are discussed as below:

  1. Compression and decompression process consumes computer’s processor and RAM.
  2. The faster the compression speed is, the lower the compression ratio will be. (For example, if a folder containing scattered files is compressed very fast, a 100 MB folder can only be compressed to get a compressed file of up to 70 or 80 MB.)

In most of WinRAR versions, you are not required to change the compression method everytime you want to compress the contents. Once you change the settings for one compression process, the settings remain persistent until you manually changed them during any other compression process.