Strange Checkboxes Are Visible When Mouse Is Hovered Over File/Folder

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Windows by Microsoft is the most widely used operating system across the planet. Being extremely user friendly and having a large number of customizable options, it is quite popular among its users. Microsoft Windows allow its users to customize through its folder options and apply settings to the file views for hassle free selection of several files of various types at once. This option is very useful when it is difficult for the users to hold down the Ctrl key while selecting up multiple files.

By default this option is usually turned off in Windows and is not used generally by the users. However, if this option is turned on, you will see small checkboxes in front of each and every folder and file present in the computer. These checkboxes are displayed at the top left corner of the objects, when the mouse is hovered on them.

Some of the Windows users find it very helpful as they are not used to use the Ctrl key for selection, or when they are generally new to the operating system.

Considering the above configurations, if you are also facing the same problem, here are the steps to disable those strange checkboxes easily:

  • Log on to your system using any user account. (Since the configuration is user specific, administrator’s intervention is not necessary).
  • Click the Start button.
  • From the displayed Start menu, click the Control Panel option.
  • If the Control Panel is displayed in the Category view, click the View by drop-down list and select Large Icons option.
  • From the displayed icons, locate and click the Folder Options.
  • On the opened Folder Options box, go to the View tab.
  • Now uncheck the Use checkboxes to select items checkbox from the list displayed under the Advanced settings.
  • Once done, click OK to save the changes.
  • Close the Control Panel window displayed and you are done.