How to set up your sound card and speakers.

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One of the final steps in building a computer of in setting up a store bought one is to install the sound card and set up the speakers. If it's a store bought one then the sound card is already in the computer.
If you built your own then you have a couple of choices with the sound device. Your motherboard will come with a built in sound chip that can offer 7.1 stereo sound. If you feel that you want a better sound choice then you can opt for one of the many sound card models that are out there.

Step one will be to install the sound card that you purchased and you will need to locate the PCI or Pci-e slot that the card will fit into. Turn off the Pc and unplug it from the wall socket, then set the card into the slot chosen and push it gently into the slot till you feel it set in. Place the case bracket screw into the cards bracket and screw it into the case.

Step two will be to turn the computer on and let Windows discover the sound card , after which you will insert the DVD/CD containing the cards drivers and follow the instructions for installing them.

Step three will be to set the speakers in the proper locations and this will be determined by what you purchased for speakers. A two speaker setup is usually done with one speaker on each side of the Monitor as long as they are computer speakers. Then you plug them into the sound card .

Sometimes it's just the one lime green cable because the speakers are connected by a factory installed cable or it can be both the lime green and redish one.

Step four would be the final step and you set the sound device in Windows control panel to match what you just installed and select stereo for the sound type. You won't get any other sound type with two speakers unless they are designed for it.

Advanced install.

For those wanting surround sound and thus buying a speaker package to provide surround sound you will have to set the speakers in the correct spots depending on the number of speakers. A normal 7.1 is two front , two side and two rear with a bass unit.

When the speakers are placed in this position you can then connect them and go into the sound control panel where you can check the right left placement with the included room speaker set up test. When the test is started you will get a sound from each speaker and that sound is usually a voice telling you which speaker it should be coming from. Once the correct orientation is confirmed you can continue to adjust the speaker placement with music or sounds coming from the speakers so that you end up with what suits you the best.