How to share images and screenshots (quick and painless)

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Most people are probably aware that it is possible to email someone a picture from your computer. They are probably familiar with the basic method where a file/picture that is on your computer is attached to an email and then mailed to a recipient. That method, however, is very poor when you go outside of your family/friend "circle" for a few reasons, namely:

1. It is time consuming
2. It takes multiple steps on both ends
3. It is impossible without having information about your recipient (their email address at a minimum).

So, in my search for a better way to share images, I turned to photobucket. It works quite well, and I used that a great deal. Photobucket, like most image sharing sites, allows you to upload an image onto their servers and then share that link with people so they can view the photo on photobucket's servers.

After using that for a while, I still wasn't satisfied though, since it still takes numerous steps. Finally, I discovered Gyazo. Weird name, I know, but it is the perfect method. With gyazo, all you do is click the launch button, then use the mouse to select what you want to upload. When you release the mouse click, it automatically uploads to gyazo, loads the image in your browser, and you are ready to share. Once set up, it allows users to select and share images in seconds. I have been using it for years and I have not looked back. This is NOT a paid endorsement either, just a good review of a excellent product.

TL: DR? Start here:

Here is how to get started:

1. Go to Gyazo's website
2. Download their small client (download button in the middle of the screen)

3. You should now have a Gyazo icon on your desktop, I would recommend pinning it to your taskbar like so:

(if you do not see the shortcut, on Windows operating systems click START > ALL PROGRAMS > GYAZO > RIGHT CLICK AND COPY > DESKTOP RIGHT CLICK AND PASTE. And now drag that icon to your taskbar.

Now you are completely done and ready to share.

Simply click the gyazo icon and your mouse button will change into a cross hair type button. Click and drag over whatever you want to upload, an image, a comment, anything on your screen at all. When you release, the image will automatically be uploaded and your browser will open with the image.

You can copy the URL and send it to people, or for improved results, RIGHT CLICK the image, click COPY IMAGE URL. That URL will allow you to send a direct link with only the picture, so that it has a cleaner, nicer look.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.