How to send and receive text messages from your computer (and bonus features including GPS location/remote wipe and more!)

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There are many different ways to send and receive text messages from a computer but the method that I will be discussing is AirDroid. As you no doubt have guessed, this is for Android devices. This is not a way to send/receive free text messages, but rather use your existing cell phone plan to facilitate the process. You will need an Android cell phone with a text messaging plan and a computer.

Let's get started:

Step 1: Download the AirDroid client onto your computer Download Link

Step 2: Download the AirDroid App on your cell phone through the app store.

Step 3: Create your account (it's very quick)

Step 4: Link your phone to your PC. When you open the AirDroid app on your PC, the sign in box will appear. You can either log in using your email and password, or you can scan the QR code (I'd recommend that method as it's instant and easy). After that, you can select it to "remember you" so logging in is quicker and easier.

Now you are good to go. From your PC you will see the AirDroid desktop with different apps. Click on "messaging" and it will load your cell phone messages, contacts, etc, and you can begin typing out text messages. Tweak your notification settings with the button at the top of the screen. When you receive a message, your PC will display a notification and you can click on it to view the message or simply look at the app on your screen.

I don't like texting on my phone very much and am around my PC or laptop most of the time. It is extremely convenient to me to write my text messages via keyboard rather than on my cell phone. Plus, you can send links and any other content on your PC via text that you didn't have on your cell phone.

Bonus Features:

1. GPS location - If you lost your cell phone, simply log into your AirDroid app on your computer. Click on the "FIND PHONE" button. For security reasons, you'll be prompted to re-enter your password. Enter it and google maps will load with your cell phone labeled with a location. (Names whited out for privacy purposes)

You can "Play sound" which is very helpful if you've misplaced your phone, say in a couch or something, the phone will ring with your set ringtone. You can also "remote wipe" so if you have sensitive data on your phone and someone has stolen it, you can wipe it remotely.

2. Add files from your PC to your phone. On the right side of the AirDroid desktop app, there is a "file drop box". Simply drag a file from your pc to that location and it will instantly send a copy to your cell phone. Extremely convenient.

3. Change all phone sounds. Click the "Ringtones" app and you can view/change/upload/delete any ringtones, notification sounds, alarms, etc. Very simple and convenient.

All of these AirDroid features are free, however, with the purchase of a premium account, you can screenshot your phone from your PC, remotely activate your phones camera on your pc (to see who is looking at your phone) and other things.

All in all this is a fantastic app that lets you do just about any cell phone task with your PC. Extremely useful for a large amount of tasks. This is not a paid endorsement, just a good review of an exceptional product.

Thanks for reading.