How to Flash Your Motherboard BIOS

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There are several reasons you may want to flash your BIOS to a newer version. One of the most common one is to add support for a processor that was released after your motherboard was released. Today I will be explaining using my ASROCK K10N780SLIX3-WiFi. This motherboard was made before the six-core Thuban processors were released and I will need to flash the BIOS to the newest version to be able to install one.

1.The first step will be to go to the support site of the manufacturer of your motherboard and find the support page for your motherboard. You can usually find it quickly by googling the model number.

This is what the landing page looks like.

2. The second step will be to find the downloads page. All manufacturer's sites will be different, but almost all will have a section that is named "Downloads" or "Drivers" or "Bios". Those are things you should look for. Once you find it click on it and look for the most recent bios revision.

I found it here. I will then click on the 2.00 version because this is the most recent and save it to my desktop.

3. I will execute the file that has the extension .exe after I unzip the set of .zip files I just downloaded.

When I execute the file it yields this window

We will do as the program says and close all other programs and make sure that we have stable power running to the computer. I Highly recommend switching off any overclocks or anything that will add instability to the machine. If you are updating the bios on a laptop, I highly recommend you make sure you have a full charge and are plugged in to make sure the system does not turn off during the flashing process.

When you execute the file it will start writing the new bios immediately. It will take a little while as it writes to all of the blocks. When you get all greens and everything is verified, it will give you a pop-up asking to restart. Go ahead and do that and when it boots back up the computer will be ready for whatever change that bios revision made. Thuban here I come!