Installing the Backup Feature on Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 Backup
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Title:Installing the Backup Feature on Windows Server 2008

The following guide will step you through the installation of the Windows Server 2008 Backup feature.

[_] Windows Server 2008
[_] Administrative account to the above system

1. Log into Windows with an Administrative account

2. Navigate to your Server Manager (Start->Administrative Tools->ServerManger)

3. Click on "Features" and then click "Add Features"

4. On the 'Select Features' wizard screen scroll down to 'Windows Server Backup Features' and put a checkmark in its box, then click [Next]

5. On the 'Confirm Installation Selections' screen click [Install]

6. Your installation will now start, it may take a couple of minutes just let it finish before proceeding(or doing anything else on the server).

7. After your installation completes you should see "Installation succeeded"(if not troubleshoot as needed.) then click [Close]

Now that you've setup the Backup feature please locate the 'Windows Server 2008 Backup Setup' tutorial to configure your backups.