How to create a Windows to Go drive without Windows 8 Enterprise

Win8.1 windows+to+go Windows 8 USB Enterprise Configuration
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Windows to Go, a exclusive feature found in Windows 8 Enterprise, lets users create a portable version of the OS, that can be used directly from a USB drive. The utility comes in a step by step wizard, that guides the user in preparation and setup of their very own Windows to Go drive. While this feature is only for Windows 8 Enterprise, it does not mean other version of Windows 8 can't have it too. It can, we'll just have to do it without the fancy wizard, and here's how.

-A USB 3.0 drive or flash drive, of at least 32GB in capacity, with high read and write speeds.
USB 2.0 drive may work, but it's not recommended or some may not be supported
-A computer with a native 3.0 port, some native USB2.0 ports may work. USB ports via add-on cards is not supported
-A computer running at least Windows 8.
Windows Vista and Windows 7 might work, but it's not tested.
-Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 Disc or USB drive
OS used for this tutorial Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit

For Windows Vista Users
Download and Install Windows Automated Installation Kit

For Windows 7 Users
Download and Install Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit

For Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Users
A. Download Windows 8.1 Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit
B. Save adksetup.exe to a your computer
C. Go to the location of where that file is and run it
D. A wizard will open up giving 2 choices, install or download. Select the download option, then select a download location and click Next. For joining CEIP, just select NO and contine on by clicking Next. Then click I accept in the EULA and begin downloading.
E. After downloading, go to the location of where it is, and install it.

Note that these are large download files, and may take a while to download, so be patient.

1. Connect USB drive to the computer. If there are any important data back them up now as they will get wiped out!
2. Open up command prompt and run as Administrator
3. Type in Diskpart and hit Enter

4. Next type list disk, then Enter

5. Look carefully at the disk you will be using for the Windows to Go drive. If there are multiple disk and it's confusing. Turn off computer, unplug the important drives except OS drive. And try again.
6. Once you know which disk to use, type select disk #
Where # represents the number associated with that drive. Then press Enter

7. Type clean
Note this will wipe out the entire drive, including all partitions! If there is data, backup now before continuing. If not, then press Enter.

8. Next we will need to create a primary partition on the drive so, type create partition primary and Enter

9. After it's done, select the partition and then type
format fs=ntfs quick and Enter
10. Then assign a letter, any letter that's not in use
11. Finally type in active

12. Exit diskpart and close command prompt
13. Go to your C:\ and create a new folder. Label that folder as wim
14. Copy Install.wim from your Windows 8/8.1 disc or USB drive to the wim folder,that was created in C:\

15. Open up WAIK or ADK's command prompt, run as administrator and type in
imagex /apply c:\wim\install.wim 1 X: and Enter
X= letter you assigned to your flash drive.

16. After it's completed, go to C:\windows\system32, type
bcdboot x:\windows /f all /s x:, Enter
Where X is letter of your flash drive.

There you have it, a Windows to Go drive.
You will still need a license if you want to continue to use it.
Windows to Go, still needs a hard drive to use as a pagefile.
Windows 8.1 Install file is Install.esd, for it to work it must be decrypted to Install.wim
Use Windows 8's Install.wim, if Windows 8.1 Install files isn't decrypted.