How to make a ghost bootable usb

USB Windows XP Bootable Usb Flash Drive Command Prompt
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Format the USB flash drive to NTFS. In order to make a flash drive bootable, it must be properly formatted and equipped with the necessary boot files. Disk formatting can be done through the command prompt in Windows. Do not unplug the flash drive from the computer until formatting is complete.

Launch the DiskPart utility by typing "diskpart" into the search box of the Windows start menu and
press enter. Then type the command "listdisk" to locate the drive number of your flash drive.

Use the commands below to format the drive. Press enter after each command and wait for each step to complete before moving on to the next. Be sure you replace the example number "2" with the number that appeared next to your flash drive in the "listdisk" command.

select disk 2
create partition primary
select partition 0
format fs=NTFS


Use the bootsect utility in Norton Ghost to make the USB flash drive bootable. In the same command prompt that was used in Step 1, type in the following commands, replacing the drive letter "g" with the correct letter of your flash drive.

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Ghost\Agent"
bootsect /nt60 g:

When finished, close the command prompt.


Copy the contents of the Norton Ghost recovery disk. If the recovery disk is on a CD, insert the CD and copy all of its files to the bootable USB flash drive that you just created. If the recovery disk is an ISO image file, mount the ISO with a virtual drive program and then copy the files from the ISO image to the flash drive.


Test the finished Norton Ghost bootable USB flash drive. Restart the computer and enter the BIOS boot options menu. Select your USB flash drive from the list and hit enter. The Norton Ghost recovery environment should now load from your bootable USB flash drive just as it would from a standard recovery CD.