How to overclock a non-black edition Phenom II

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So you have a processor that just isn't giving you enough speed, but it has a locked multiplier. If you want to overclock, things will be a little more complicated, but it is still worthwhile.

Here is my basic Phenom II X4 920. It isn't a black edition processor so it has a locked multiplier.

1. The first step of overclocking this processor is setting the ram to a lower multiplier than it's max. My Ram can run at 1066mhz at a timing of 5-5-5-15 so what I do is I set the ram to 800mhz at 5-5-5-15 so when I boost the bus speed it will increase that frequency without overclocking my ram because it is likely that it will not be able to overclock as far as my processor can.

2.(optional)You may also wan to turn down your ht link multiplier, but I have found that that generally isn't an issue and you can overclock it along with the processor and it actually gives you decent performance gain without being unstable.

3. Now that you are all set we can get into the actual overclocking. You will want to go into your bios and find a way to change your bus speed. It should be 200 right now. I would say increase it by an increment of ten

4.Then boot up and stress test it with OCCT or your stress test of choice. Here is a link to OCCT: Stress test it for around an hour or two to make sure it is stable. If it was stable then increase by an increment of 10 again. Keep doing this until it is unstable and then turn it down by 5 and see if that is stable. You can tune it more finely as you go and when you find a configuration that seems to be the best you can get, I would try stress testing it for longer than you have in the past, possibly up to 24 hours just to make sure it is totally stable.

5.If you want even a little more out of your processor you can try adding a small(.025-.125 increment of voltage to the processor in the bios.) DO NOT PUSH PAST 1.5. This is not safe for day to day use and you will burn out your processor.

6. Another thing you could try to do after you find your max clock is lower the multiplier on your processor but raise the base clock higher so that you can get the same overclock on your processor, but you can get your ram back up to it's best value. So for me I would raise the bus speed to 253, but reduce the multiplier to x13 to give me a near 3.3ghz speed and meanwhile my ram would be running at 1012mhz at 5-5-5-15 which is pretty close to their default and it gives me my max overclock. a slight underclock on the ram won't make a noticeable difference, but the increased frequency for your cpu will be totally noticeable.

Good luck! Don't blow anything up