What is LAN and how to find LAN IP Address - LAN 101 Video Tutorial

LAN tutorial How to find LAN IP address configuring LAN LAN
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Hi there,
my name is Alex Moroz and I am with Moroz Academy. In this video you can learn what is LAN and how to find LAN IP Address on any computer with Windows Operating System (Windows XP, WIndows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8).
This LAN IP Address knowledge is useful when you are trying to play games with two computer over the same LAN but with more then 2 computer in the LAN. You can use this knowledge with some software or troubleshoot or configuring the local area network.

Please watch this video for the full tutorial and keep in mind that video tutorial is recorded for a total beginner (send it to your Grandpa)


Thanks for watching this video tutorial and happy learning. Check my other educational videos at Toms Hardware.