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I Cannot Search MS PowerPoint 2013 Templates and Themes Online. The Search Field Is Disabled.

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This Tutorial addresses:
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When you install MS Office 2013 on your computer, and MS PowerPoint 2013 is installed along with the package itself, the program allows you to search for and download the latest templates and themes from the Internet. You can search for the templates and themes from within the MS PowerPoint 2013 program itself by going to the ‘FILE > New’ option.

If you are using the MS PowerPoint 2013 for domestic purposes and your computer is mostly used in home, it is quite safe to allow the program to connect to the Internet and download the required themes and templates to improve your user experience, and further improve the quality of your productions. On the other hand, if your computer is used in offices or at unsecured public networks, it is advisable to prevent the MS PowerPoint 2013 program from connecting to the Internet and communicating with the outer world.

If you are facing an issue where the search bar in MS PowerPoint 2013 is disabled and you’re not able to search templates and themes online, it is quite possible that somebody has configured the PowerPoint and has blocked its communication with the Internet. When this is the case, you should find out who has made this modification and why. If the modification was made for security reasons, you should consider leaving the settings intact. However if you still want to allow the MS PowerPoint 2013 to communicate with the Internet to download the templates and themes, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Log on to the computer.

  2. Initialize MS PowerPoint 2013 program by following the correct procedure.

  3. Open any existing presentation or create a new one to have a basic interface.

  4. On the opened window, go to the FILE tab.

  5. From the displayed list, go to the Options option.

  6. On the opened PowerPoint Options box, from the left pane, click to select the Trust Center category.

  7. From the right pane, under the Microsoft PowerPoint Trust Center section, click the Trust Center Settings button.

  8. On the opened Trust Center box, from the left pane, click to select the Privacy Options category.

  9. From the right pane, under the Privacy Options section, check the Allow Office to connect to the Internet checkbox.

  10. Click OK when done.

  11. Back on the PowerPoint Options box, click OK to save the changes.

  12. Restart the MS PowerPoint 2013 program to allow the changes to take effect.

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