how to uninstall a program completely

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Uninstalling programs in windows sometimes isn't easy as its seems.For scenarios where one shall install the program again,it might not be successful as such because the state of the program will be unchanged.For instance if a program is not working as normal and causing problems,the first troubleshooting step is to restart the program.That might not probably gonna be the solution because the problem might still be there.In that case uninstalling the program is the second step.

To uninstall a program in windows go to start,control panel,Programs and features,uninstall program.A list of all programs installed in your computer will be shown.Select the program you want to uninstall and right click.Select uninstall and there you go.The program will be removed via the respective wizard.

You might think that the program is completely removed but there some other program components you should get rid of.Some programs can be removed completely via uninstalling only.So how to you check for the components?first off check the program files folder.Go to start,My computer,Local disk(Your disk containing the active Operating system),Program files and look for a folder for the program you just uninstalled.The folder name is usually same as program name.Got the folder? now delete the folder.If there is no folder found,no problem.

Next step is to make sure temporary files are deleted.In windows 7 click start and type "%temp%". A search result which is temp folder will be shown.Click on that folder and select all files then press delete.Couple or more files will not be deleted and you got to skip that.

Finally check the computer registry for any keys of the program you just uninstalled.That is simple stuff.Go to start,click on run and type "regedit".Registry editor will pop up.Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFWARE.SOFTWARE has subfolders or keys for different programs.Locate the folder for program you just removed and delete the folder.If folder not found,no problem.

Thats all guys.I hope this tutorial will be of use to you.
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