Don't Forget The Monitor

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Ideal Sight Line Distance Eyeball To Monitor Screen

People will spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a new PC, but will settle for whatever monitor comes with the system. Even if you are just upgrading your video card, don't forget the monitor, it can make an average or good system have the video of a Supercomputer! Here are the steps to follow.

1. First of all, where is the monitor going to be located? Find a comfortable location where your eyes naturally fall upon the top of the monitor screen. Then turn your head side to side - is the monitor in easy viewable range, i.e., does it stay in focus?

2. How many inches is that location from your eyes? Use a ruler or tape measure. As the drawing indicates, the ideal distance is 24” when looking straight forward. Fiddle with the monitor positioning till you get it comfortable and as close to 24” as you can manage.

3. Now, when was the last time you had your vision checked? Seriously; our eyes definitely change over the years, and if its been more than 2 years, get them checked. And while you are there, ask about glasses (assuming you need them) that are balanced for the distance you measured earlier (eyes to computer screen).

4. Now that you have your eyes as the best they can be, its time to turn to the hardware end of things. In a word: IPS or In Plane Switching. What does this mean? Simply this: outstanding image accuracy with ultra-wide 178° viewing angles and up to 10 times higher contrast ratios. How? 5-8 ms response time minimizes motion blurring. 1000:1 contrast ratio and 2M:1 dynamic contrast ratio provide amazingly crisp images.

These monitors are a little bit more expensive than a conventional panel, but if you want fantastic color rendering, with little in the way of artifacts or delayed timing, coupled with a clarity and vividness that applies to both colors and black text, then get yourself an IPS monitor.

I followed my own advice and purchased an IPS panel a few months back (I purchased the cheapest LG model available) and I was blown away from the moment I turned it on. No problems in setup, the monitor's driver was optional, as was just about everything else that came with the monitor. So I switched it on and was instantly amazed by how sharp, vivid, and ‘dazzling’ the colors were, and text that was blurry and difficult to read before was now crisp and sharp and easily readable. And so says everybody who has seen the monitor in action.