Building a PC for your budget and level of gaming complete w/assembly step by step

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******DISCLAIMER***** all prices in builds will vary day to day due to new deals and ending deals, those builds where in budget at the time of the writing of this tutorial. all builds are meant only as guidelines.

The following tutorial is intended to be guidelines for building a gaming PC appropriate for your level of gaming and fitting into a budget concurrent with that of most gamers of that level. Each build will have an operating system (OS) if the OS is not needed I will have a suggestion of where to reallocate those funds into performance.

If you find that you like one of my builds and would like to decrease/increase the budget a little on that build while retaining the most performance or gaining the most for the least amount of $ feel free to reply to this post or private message me. Budgets will be at 450-550-650-800-1000-and an extreme build that has no true budget. Once you find the build that fits your budget/needs scroll to the bottom of this tutorial for a step by step instruction for assembly.

Our first build is intended for entry level gamers new to PC games and playing less graphics intense titles. This build is at our $450 mark and incorporates a microprocessor (CPU) and graphics chip (GPU) in one unit called an APU. With this build you can expect to play browser games and less graphic intense games like World of Warcraft on medium settings with 25-40 frame rates per second(FPS).

if you do not need the OS then you can get a better motherboard, CPU, and a discrete GPU as shown in the next link. It will play more advanced games at higher setting while retaining the same fps or a little better in most cases. (if you prefer nvidia the gtx 650ti would be the closest in performance and price.)

Our next build is for geared towards a more casual gamer who has established that they enjoy PC gaming and want to build a machine that can play more advanced games such as Borderlands, TF2, Walking dead etc. You will play these games at mid to mid-high settings while keeping 30-40fps or better and comes in just under $550 (the upgraded build from the previous upgrade with the OS added back in). (if you prefer nvidia the gtx 650ti would be the closest in performance and price.)

If you do not the OS with this build my suggestion for a performance upgrade is a better motherboard, CPU, and gpu as well as adding a cooler as you my be starting to consider overclocking at this point in your gaming. (if you prefer nvidia the gtx 660 would be the closest in performance and price.)

The next build up for grabs is our $650 build and is more for the mid-level gamer who wants to play titles like battlefield 3 (BF3) or BF4, Call of Duty and other more graphically intense games. With this build you will be able to handle those games at mid settings with 40+ fps but will not be able to max out ultra settings. (the previous builds upgrade with the OS added back in)

If no OS is needed i suggest getting an i5 build with room to upgrade the GPU later.

The next build ($800)is for advanced gamers who want to overclock and play all modern games at high or ultra settings at 60+fps so long as you overclock both the CPU and gpu (most gamers at this level are). I did not upgrade the gpu from the last build as that gpu after OC can run most games at high setting and some on ultra and there is always room to upgrade later.

If no OS is needed for this build then go for a better CPU and GPU, crank up the setting and enjoy the gaming experience you would have hoped to get from such a build.

Next is our pro gamer build at $1000 that will play all current games at max setting with 60+ fps

With no OS I would invest in a better case and water cooler to allow heavier overclocking.

Last but not least is our extreme build that has everything you could want and then some in gaming ability for only a touch over $2'500. I7? Check, crossfire top-end Gpu's? Check, storage room, ram, and bad-ass looks check check and check. I will build this one day when I'm rich and famous.

For step by step assembly please follow this link it is very detailed and provides many illustrations.

Thank you all for reading this and i hope it was helpful on some level.