A Movie File Has Dual-Audio. How Can I Switch to the Second Audio Language?

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If you are really good at one language, there is no such need in opting for dual audio movies. You can download the movie in a language you are good at and you can watch it. But if you aren’t comfortable in watching the entire movie in one language over and over again, you can go for dual audio movies.

Most of the movies those are available on the internet have Dual-Audio. One language is the domestic language in which the film has been shot and the other one is a foreign language. Movies with dual audio are provided for the sake of convenience of the audience. It makes the movie to be easily understandable by bigger lot of audiences that not only reside in one nation but also in distant parts of the world. If you have any such movie that has dual audio, you can watch that particular movie in two different languages. One who is aware of both the languages that a movie files contains and even to those who are aware of only one of the languages and are trying to learn the other.

Let us discuss how you can switch to the second audio language.

  • After logging on to your computer, double-click VLC Player to open the program.
  • Click Media menu and select the option Open File.
  • Now, select a movie or a video file and click Open. The movie will begin to play.
  • Click Audio menu.
  • Go to the option Audio Track.
  • When a submenu appears, select the language in which you want to hear the audio of the movie.