How to Securely Wipe and Format a Harddisk/SSD

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How to Securely Wipe and Format a Harddisk/SSD

Often times we like to completely erase the contents of a harddisk/SSD. Most people use windows to do this and it works fine... but their data is not completely wiped. In the case that your disk got into the wrong hands, it could easily be recovered. Due to this reason, you will learn how to use Parted Magic to completely erase a disk securely.

Step 1
First we want to download Parted Magic from this Tom's Guide link. After downloading, we're going to want to create a bootable USB drive (It's a small file, 200MB Max). To this this you can either follow rcfant89's guide here. Or you can do it yourself using a program known as UNetbootin.
Note: Virtual Machine's do not work for securely erasing volumes.

Step 2
We want to boot into our Parted Magic USB drive now so after restarting your computer you'll to a screen like this. Click the default option to run off of RAM.

Step 3
Next we want to go select Erase Disk.

Step 4
Now there are many options that you can choose but to completely wipe a drive you're going to want to click the "Internal" option.

Step 5
From this point on, you give confirmation and let the software do it's thing.
Note: It is common to encounter an error saying your device is frozen or not active. To solve this issue, you must power on and power off the device while in the erase disk menus. So if you own a computer; you want to pull the power/SATA cable from your disk and re-plug it in. Then you can continue with the format.

Thank you for reading :)