How to overclock non-K series Sandy and Ivy Bridge CPUs without messing with the BCLK.

Overclocking Non Intel k CPUs 400MHz Sandy Bridge Ivy Bridge
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Today I will show you how to overclock a non-K Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge CPU.
To start with you'll need a motherboard that supports changing the multiplier of a CPU E.G. Z68 & Z77.

First we want to ensure we have good cooling. I would advise you to download and install Core Temp Located Here and make sure your temperatures are under 60C at max load using Prime 95 located here.

Before we start, I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your hardware and or software!

Now we have checked that our cooling is optimal for stock speeds we can start overclocking.

Step 1.
Go into the UEFI or BIOS of the motherboard. Usually by pressing Del while the PC is booting.

Step 2.
We are going to want to look for a setting for CPU Multiplier / Frequency / Ratio like the one below.

Step 3.
set the ratio to the highest option available (400MHz overclock)

Step 4.
reboot into windows and start core temp ASAP. Upon confirming the temperatures are good run prime 95 for at least an hour. Should all be fine enjoy your overclocked system, if not go to step 5.

Step 5.
Go back into your UEFI / BIOS and lower the frequency buy 1. e.g. 38 -> 37. repeat step 4.

You have now overclocked your non K CPU without messing with the BCLK.