Enable and disable programs at Windows startup - helps to fight the viruses

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Hi there,
in this tutorial you will learn how to enable and disable programs at Windows start up. This technique can disable the virus that starts with Windows every time you reboot. You can also disable any Windows program that starts with Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Step 1: Click on Start Windows Button in your taskbar at the bottom part of the screen. You may push Windows Keyboard button or press it with your left mouse button.

Step 2: Tyoe in search "msconfig" and press enter.

Step 3: System Configuration executed.

Step 4: Select the tab Startup.

in this example Skype will be disable from auto start with Windows. Simply by removing check mark off the program name.

Make sure to click apply button and changes will be enable after next Windows reboot.

Thank you for reading. You can use this method to disable startup viruses or annoying programs that does not have option to disable it with Windows reboot. Under System Configuration you can find some other goodies like Services (You can stop some services as well). Please be careful to with Services and Boot tabs.