VLC Player Plays Movies but No Audio or Video Is Available

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If you are experiencing this problem, this means that someone has deliberately or accidentally disabled the audio and video options in your instance of VLC Player. If someone has not messed with your copy of the application, it is likely that any incompatible application has done this automatically.

In either case, you’re not required to uninstall the program and then reinstall it in order to get your settings back. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to repair the VLC Player and you will end up bringing the audio and video back to the program.

The VLC Player is a user specific application. This means that the VLC Player settings that are configured one one user account are not reflected on the instance of the application on any other account. Therefore while following the instructions given in this tutorial, you must log on to the account on which you are experiencing such problem while using the VLC Player.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log on to the computer using the account in which you are experiencing the problem while using the VLC Player.
  • Initialize the VLC Player by double-clicking its icon, or by opening any audio or video file in the application.
  • Once opened, go to the Tools menu from the menu bar.
  • From the displayed list, go to Preferences.
  • On the opened Preferences box, from the left pane, click to select Audio category.
  • From the right pane, check the Enable audio checkbox.
  • Once this is done, click to select the Video category from the left pane.
  • From the right pane, where the video specific options are displayed, check the Enable video checkbox available at the top of the interface.
  • Once done, click the Save button to save the changes.
  • In order to allow the changes to take effect, you must close the VLC Player and reopen it.
  • You will now be able to see the video and audio of the movie.
  • If the problem persists, restart the computer and then try again.