How to use an HDMI Switch to Connect More Devices to One Monitor

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How to use an HDMI Splitter to Connect More Devices to One Monitor

Some monitors only have a few ports and this limits the amount of devices you can hook up to it. As an example, certain monitors have one VGA port and one HDMI port but you may want to use a PlayStation, computer, and/or laptop with it. To solve this problem we are going to be looking at what is uncommonly known as an HDMI splitter.

Step 1
First take a look at how many extra devices you need to connect. You can pickup an HDMI Splitter here. If you can find similar devices cheaper, it is recommended to purchase a cheaper one as they generally work the same.

You'll also need a few HDMI cables to make this work. You need one for connecting the HDMI splitter to your monitor and one more cable for each device you want to connect. HDMI cables go for cheap and should not cost anymore than $8. You could also choose to get braided HDMI cables.

Step 2
Connect the devices and cables accordingly. You will need to hook the device up using the included 5V cable.

Everything should work now, you should be able to switch through devices with the remote and you can now enjoy your monitor without paying another few hundred for a new one.

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