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How to Sync a Computer with Skydrive (Backup all Important Data Instantaneously to Microsoft Cloud)

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How to Sync a Computer with Skydrive (Backup all Important Data Instantaneously to Cloud)

Note: If you are only trying to upload files and not setup automatic integration, use this tutorial instead.

Cloud storage is on the rise and is highly useful! To take advantage of this technology, we are going to be setting up Skydrive to sync files in our computer with the cloud. Anytime a change is made to a file, it will automatically update in Skydrive.

Other cloud services could be used instead of Skydrive but due to Microsoft's integration of Skydrive (Windows Phone, Tablets, Desktops) and their quality as a corporation, we will be using their cloud storage system. Microsoft offers 7GB of free storage for new users.

Note: If you have an older Microsoft account, you are advised to use that because certain accounts got upgraded to 25GB of storage for FREE! You can also buy additional storage for cheap prices.

Step 1
Download the Skydrive desktop app here and install it.

Step 2
After installation, a sign in screen should pop up. Sign in with your Hotmail/Windows Live/Microsoft Account.

Step 3
Here you must set the default location for your Skydrive folder. Pick a location that will not get in the way such as a hard drive if your operating system is on an SSD.

Step 4
Next choose the option that suits you best.

Step 5
For the next option tick the box if you would like to be able to access files on your computer from anywhere.

Note: This is NOT recommended if you have sensitive information on your computer.

Step 6
Locate the folder that you want to synchronize with Skydrive 24/7. This means that anytime you edit a file in this folder, it will automatically update on the cloud meaning two consecutive backups.

Step 7
Change the default location of the folder you want to synchronize instantaneously by right clicking on the folder, going to the location tab, and moving the folder.

Note: This will move all the current files in your folder
Note: This means if you update a file on your phone, the file on your computer with also update itself the next time you connect to the internet (with Skydrive running) and vice versa.

Using Cloud Storage is the new era and it provides optimal backup. For additional storage you can purchase it annually through Microsoft. If you are looking for a fully encrypted anonymous cloud service, then it is advised to do a bit of research.

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