How to Mount an SSD Anywhere in a Computer Case

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How to Mount an SSD Anywhere in a Computer Case

SSD's are fast. But that is not the only good thing about them. They also include zero moving parts. What does this mean? It means that it is less prone to failure/misuse. It also means we can mount it anywhere. Anywhere...

Why do it? Maybe you've ran out of Hard drive slots, you can mount your SSD anywhere and you can gain a slot!

Whaaa? Okay. Maybe you want to take out your hard drive rails to feed more air to your graphics card so by mounting you SSD in your case (generally behind your motherboard tray) you can take out that annoying ugly hard drive rack!

Is it safe? Although some people don't recommend it, It is much favored by many enthusiasts and rarely has anybody ran into any problems. You should do it.

Step 1
Locate an empty spot in your case. The best spots are generally behind the motherboard tray and near the bottom of the case though anywhere works as long as you can mount the SSD.

Step 2
In order to mount the drive, we need to get a hold of some mounting material. It is recommended to use something that is not permanent and does not leave residue. Let's pick up a pack of these.

Step 3
Now take two or four pieces of Velcro to secure the SSD (four pieces is highly recommended). Stick two on the case where you want to mount it and two on the SSD (remember to align them).

Step 4
Stick them together, be positive it is secure and connect the SATA data and power cables. You should be good to go.

You should now have your SSD mounted. This can be done using tape as well. It is also possible to mount the SSD outside of your case!

Thanks for reading :)