How to Connect a PS3 Controller to a Computer

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How to connect a PS3 Controller to a Computer

Note: If you would like to connect an XBOX controller, please check out this tutorial created by jaytechgaming.

This tutorial will teach an individual to connect their PS3 controller to a computer. Although a Mouse and Keyboard are dominant, certain games and media programs work better with a PS3. It can also be useful if you like to play on a couch away from your computer peripherals. So, Let's get going.

Also note that the PS4's controller Is compatible by nature so you won't need to do any of this for a PS4 controller. Only for the PS3 Controller.

Step 1
Get your PlayStation controller and hook it up to your computer using a standard Micro USB cable. Windows should automatically install the drivers but we need to do more than that to get it to work.

Step 2
In order to connect our controller, We need to download this program from MotionInJoy.

Step 3
Extract the contents of the folder and Install the program.

Step 4
After Installation you should come to a screen similar to this. Click on the "Driver Manager" tab.

Step 5
In here, check the box{es} and click "Load driver". Allow the program to install the driver and now your PS3 controller should start working.

Step 6
You can also change many other settings within the Controller itself through this program!

Everything should be working from this point on.

Thanks for Reading :)