How to Convert a Video to .mkv (Compressed Format) / How to Convert Videos using Freemake

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How to Convert a Video to .mkv (Compressed Format)

Compressing video's to .mkv fortmat is commonly used and in this tutorial, an individual will learn exactly how to do that.

Step 1
Download Freemake's Free Video Converter. This was featured in one of Tom's articles.

Step 2
Install the program and run it.

Step 3
Add the video of your choice and then click on MKV as one of the many options you have!

Click Convert! You don't have to change anything here.

Step 4
It should complete and now you should have your converted file! Here is the comparison between .wmv and .mkv!

.mkv is used very commonly and using this doesn't hurt quality noticeably. In order to play .mkv files, VLC Media Player is reccomended!

Thanks for Reading :)