Remove Vocals during Audio Playback in Virtual DJ

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Virtual DJ is a complete audio mixing application. It has many features that most professional DJs use to produce their creations in order to get a completely new and mixed audio output that is mostly liked by the new generation. One such feature that Virtual DJ supports is removing the vocals from the audio tracks.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional DJ, or you are just working on the application for fun, the fact is that you can easily create your own karaoke audio files with the help of Virtual DJ program. Once you have created your karaoke file, you can connect the microphone to the computer and include it within the software to produce your own professionally created audio track.

Although getting a complete karaoke file from a full-fledged audio track takes ample amount of time, decent exposure, and in-depth knowledge about the audio and multimedia stuff, you can still have a look and feel of the way the files can be created using the built-in feature that Virtual DJ has.

Since Virtual DJ allows you to add up to 2 tracks on its interface at the same time, it is good to add one track initially and start practicing with it. Once you are through with the entire process, and you have gained some experience in working with the files this way, you can then add another track and can start working with the files simultaneously.

After going through this tutorial, you will learn how to disable vocals from a full-fledged audio track using the Virtual DJ application.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log on to the computer on which the Virtual DJ program is installed.
  • Initialize the program by double-clicking its icon.
  • On the opened interface, from the center lower section of the Virtual DJ window, click the BROWSER button to browse for the audio file from which you want to disable the vocals.
  • Once the audio file is located, double-click the file to add it into the first disc of the interface.
  • Once the file is added, click the EFFECTS button from the center lower section of the Virtual DJ window.
  • From the displayed options, click the left Activate button. (The Activate button present at the left represents the disc 1, whereas the button available at the right represents disc 2.).
  • Once done, from the lower left section of the Virtual DJ interface, make sure that the Sound Effects button is selected.
  • From the displayed list, click to select the Vocals+ option.
  • From the displayed icons at the right, click the one with the microphone symbol.
  • Verify that the disabled sign appears on the microphone icon, and the guitar icon is clear.
  • Once done, start playing the audio track.
  • You will notice that all the vocals from the audio track are almost dimmed (if not completely gone).