How to Test Memory Using Memtest

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How to Test Memory Using Memtest

If you're having issues with your system but can't figure out why, it's a good idea to test your Memory. Memory can be tested through using Memtest86.

Step 1
Download Memtestx86 here for your operating system. You are going to want to create a bootable disc/USB out of it. To make a bootable USB, follow this tutorial.

Step 2
Boot into the drive/disc you've just created.

Step 3
There are four options, but we are going to going to use the first one.

Step 4
Memtest isn't a benchmark. It searches for failures and inconsistencies within the RAM. It is advised to let the test go for 8+ Hours. It is also recommended to test one stick of RAM at a time. Memtest will run forever unless you stop it.

From this point on, Memtest should be up and running.