How to Find Out How Much RAM Your Windows PC is Using

RAM Configuration
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Here's the easiest way to find out how RAM your computer is using!

WINDOWS 7: (Scroll down for Windows 8)
Step (1)
Click CTRL ALT DELETE all at once on your keyboard.

Step (2)
After clicking those 3 keys, a menu should pop up. Click on the last option, "Start Task Manager"

Step (3)
After doing that, a menu should pop up. It looks like this:

Step (4)
And the top you will see different tabs. Click on the Perfomance Tab. It should look like this:

Step (5)
On the left there should be "CPU" and under that "Memory". Look at the graph under the "Memory" section, and you'll see LIVE how much memory you're using!
Can't find it? Look here:

You can see CPU graph at the top and Memory just under


Complete the same steps, except when in your Task Manager, you will find looking like this:

Remember! -The amount of RAM you are using is the first text written under the two charts!