How to boot Directly to Desktop

Desktops Boot Windows 8 Configuration
Louis Andrei Suba
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Windows 8 metro UI is new on Windows 8.. Other Users don't like it so I will teach you how to "Boot Directly to Desktop"

First You need to search "sched" then point to settings tab

you will see "schedule tasks" result.. click it

at the left pane click "create task"

at the Name.. use " Start Desktop @ Start" (without quotes)

At the triggers tab select new..

when thenew window appeared select at log on on the drop box then select ok

now point out to the actions tab then select new

When the menu appears, enter C:\Windows\explorer.exe

then point out to the conditions tab and uncheck all the boxes

Then select Ok after you rebooted, you can now see the desktop right from the start