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How Can I Manually Set Video Aspect Ratio in Winamp?

This Tutorial addresses:
  • Computers
  • Video
  • Media Player
  • Multimedia
Almost every video media player that you install on your computer system has a built-in feature according to which it automatically adjusts its aspect ratio as per the video file that you play. However, in your case if you are experiencing issues with the aspect ratio, or if you are not satisfied with the current ratio that the Winamp player is using to play the video files, you can specify the aspect ratio figures as per your individual preferences.

Although you can use several shortcut keys to switch between multiple aspect ratio options available in the players, in the Winamp player you can do so by manually specifying numbers.

After following the instructions given in this tutorial, you will learn how you can manually specify the aspect ratio for the video files as per your own preferences and the resolution of the computer screen that is connected to your laptop PC or the desktop.

Here is what you need to do to specify your own aspect ratio for the played video files:

  1. Log on to the computer on which you want to play the video file in Winamp player.

  2. Initialize the Winamp player by double-clicking its icon. You can also initialize the player by double-clicking the target file that you want to play.

  3. Once the player is initialized, click the Options menu from the menu bar.

  4. From the displayed list, go to the Preferences option.

  5. From the opened Winamp Preferences box, from the left pane, under the Playlist tree, click to select the Video category.

  6. From the right pane, under the Advanced Video Options section, ensure that the Lock video aspect ratio checkbox is checked.

  7. After verifying, check the My screen has an aspect ratio of checkbox.

  8. In the enabled fields, type the figures of the aspect ratio as per your preferences.

  9. Once done, click the Close button under the left pane.

  • Note: It is recommended to keep the video playback enabled while specifying the aspect ratio manually in order to get the live preview of the final output of the screen as per the given figures.
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