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How Come Another Winamp Opens Up When I Double-Click Its Icon the Second Time?

This Tutorial addresses:
It seems that any incompatible application or any novice user has accidentally modified default configuration of your instance of Winamp player. According to the Winamp default settings, even if you double-click its icon for the second or third time, the same instance of the player pops up and is displayed on the computer screen.

However, since the Winamp player is in the market since quite a while, and even its latest versions are also backward compatible, the player allows its users to enable the multiple instances from the preferences box. When the multiple instances of the player are enabled, every time you double-click its icon, a new instance of Winamp player is initialized.

Although there is no harm in leaving this configuration intact, if you initialize too many instances of the Winamp player, they would remarkably consume the memory of your computer, hence degrading its performance and considerably reducing its overall processing speed.

You might also want to disable the multiple instances in the Winamp player if you are using a low configuration PC and have installed the latest version of the player.

After following the instructions given in this tutorial, you will be able to revert the Winamp player settings back to default, where the multiple instances of the program are disabled.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log on to the computer on which the Winamp player is configured to initialize multiple instances.

  2. After logging on, double-click the Winamp player icon in order to initialize its first instance.

  3. On the opened interface, go to the Options menu from the menu bar.

  4. From the displayed list, go to the Preferences option.

  5. On the opened Winamp Preferences box, from the left pane, click to select the General Preferences category.

  6. From the right pane, uncheck the Allow multiple instances checkbox.

  7. Since there is no Apply or OK button available in the Winamp Preferences box, and the modifications that you make become effective instantaneously, click the Close button
    present at the bottom of the left pane.

  8. If due to any reason a new instance of Winamp player is still initialized when you double-click its icon, restart the computer and then try again.

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