What Are the Best Wireless Network Adapter Settings While Using BitDefender Total Security?

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Since the BitDefender Total Security application has a built in firewall that keeps monitoring all the network adapters installed in the computer, you must configure the firewall settings for the active network adapters to get the optimum performance while keeping the network/computer secure at the same time.

It becomes even more important to configure these security settings of the BitDefender Total Security application if you are using a wireless network adapter to connect to the Internet or to the local area network. The reason behind this is that the wireless network adapter uses comparatively less secure security algorithms during data transmission, and if the data that is transferred over the wireless network is sensitive, and gets compromised, the organizations may face heavy loss.

Considering the above scenario and the consequences, it is important to restrict the communication of the network with the wireless network interface card installed in it.

There are many options that the BitDefender Total Security provides for the wireless network adapters that are connected to the computer. However the best option is the Trusted Local. The Trusted Local option allows all the communication that takes place within the local area network and the same subnet. The Trusted Local configuration of the wireless network adapter does not allow the communication with the computers that do not belong to the local network until their subnet is manually added in the exception list.

Below are the instructions using which you can configure your wireless network adapter with the Trusted Local setting in the BitDefender Total Security anti-virus program:

  • Log on to the computer using administrator account. The administrator account is required to log on because the modifications that you are about to make are global and require the elevated privileges.
  • After logging on, initialize the BitDefender Total Security program by double-clicking its icon. (BitDefender Total Security 2010 is used for this demonstration.).
  • On the opened interface, from the left pane, click to select the Firewall category.
  • From the right pane, go to the Network tab.
  • On the displayed interface, under the Network Configuration list, click the down facing arrow under the Trust Level column.
  • From the displayed list, choose the Trusted Local option.
  • Once this is done, the changes take effect almost instantaneously. Still, to be on the safer side, restart the computer before you start the communication with other computers in the network.