How to Remove All Files from Subfolders and Relocate Them to One Folder

Windows 7 take out files remove all subfolders
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How to Remove All Files from Subfolders and Place Them Into One Place

Let's say that you have a music collection that is filled with music that is arranged by folders that have specific artists in each. Sometimes programs don't recognize Subfolders and requires you to take out files individually. This could take hours going through each folder and moving the contents. In this tutorial we will speed up this process.

Step 1
Go to the folder that has all the Subfolders. Our Music folder has over 6,000 folders... we could not take out each .mp3 individually, that would take forever!

Step 2
Let's quicken up this process. Go to the folder search option at the top of windows explorer and type in the file extension that you're trying to extract. In our case it is music so .mp3 or .flac if you are removing word documents or videos it could be .docx or .wmv

Step 3
Ctrl + A, Highlight all the files (that you want to move) and right click ---> Cut.

Step 4
Paste the files to the desired directory

As you saw, over 36000 .mp3 files were taken out of 6,000 Subfolders. Imagine doing this manually for each folder. This issue commonly appears on so hopefully this tutorial saves users hours of their time and frustration.

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