I Don’t Want TuneUp Utilities and 1-Click Maintenance Icons to Be Shown on Desktop

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As soon as you install the TuneUp Utilities program on your computer, the TuneUp Utilities and 1-Click Maintenance icons are automatically created on the desktop. The TuneUp Utilities icon is also automatically pinned to the taskbar in order to make it easier for you to access the application with ease whenever required.

Although there is no harm in keeping the icons on the desktop and the taskbar, many times you might not want certain icons to be displayed on the desktop screen in order to keep it neat and clean, and to prevent the icons of the unnecessary or less used applications from overpopulating the desktop.

Well!! Just like any other shortcut icon, even the TuneUp Utilities and 1-Click Maintenance icons can also be removed from the desktop by right-clicking them and clicking the Delete button from the displayed context menu. However, the TuneUp Utilities program offers you a more efficient and professional way of getting this done. The Settings section of the TuneUp Utilities program allows you to remove both the icons from within the interface so that you do not face any unwanted consequences which may come up when you remove the icons directly from the desktop.

In order to remove both the icons from the desktop using the TuneUp Utilities interface, you are required to log on to the computer using administrator account. Since the program requires elevated privileges to initialize, if the administrator account is not used, you will not be able to initialize the program, and you cannot remove the icons from within the program’s interface.

Here is how you can get the job done:

  • Using the administrator account, log on to the computer on which the TuneUp Utilities program is installed, and you want to remove its icons from the desktop.
  • Initialize the TuneUp Utilities application using any of the known methods. (TuneUp Utilities 2014 is used for this demonstration.).
  • On the displayed User Account Control confirmation box, click Yes to provide your consent to continue.
  • Once initialized, from the top of the opened interface, click the Settings option.
  • On the opened TuneUp Utilities settings box, from the left pane, make sure that the Integration category is selected.
  • From the right pane, under the Desktop section, uncheck the Show desktop icon for TuneUp Utilities and Show desktop icon for 1-Click Maintenance checkboxes.
  • Once done, click OK to save the changes.