How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

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How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

In this tutorial we will be speeding up Mozilla Firefox. Please note that before you do this, you should try changing your DNS first using this tutorial. In this tutorial we will be changing some internal settings of Firefox.

Step 1
In the address bar, type: "about:config". It will give a warning, we can just say "I'll be careful, I promise!"

Step 2
Type in "pipelining" into the search and let it load up the results

Step 3
Now you're going to want to double click on specific values and change them to match the settings here: If you want more information on what your changing, check out "pipelining".

Step 4
Now as a last step we're going to download this trusted add-on for firefox from here (Does not require a download or install into windows, it works all in the browser).

Step 5
Clear all history (CCleaner works too) and Restart Firefox

Step 6
Voila! Firefox should be noticeably faster but if your Internet Connection is awful to begin with, don't expect much improvement.

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