How to increase your FPS for CPU Intensive PC games on Windows 7 and 8

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This is basically a part 2 to my previous tutorial on how to improve fps on an Nvidia graphics card for Windows 7 and 8, but it is different because it works with an AMD GPU, and Nvidia GPU.

My previous tutorial:

What are we doing here?
What this is, is it's a newer technology that came out when Windows 7 was released. It is called "core parking." What is core parking? Your computer literally sets cores in a dormant state when it's doing things such as web browsing, e-mail checking, or watching a movie. That's good because it conserves energy, but it's bad when you start up a game such as Battlefield 4 when those cores don't turn back on. So in this tutorial we are going to be turning that feature off, which will drastically increase your frames. This method works on Windows 7 32 or 64-bit, and Windows 8/8.1 32 or 64-bit as well. So, I will walk you through the four, easy steps. This should take you no more than 5-10 minutes.

The actual tutorial.

Step One:
First off, you are going to want to go to this website:
You are going to scroll down to the end and hit this hyperlink and download this file:

Step Two:
Once you've downloaded that program, open the folder, and extract the files. Open that, and open this program:

Step Three:
You are now going to want to select, "Check Status," and wait for it to check your computer. Now when this is done, it is going to show up with your registry values, and it will more likely say that it is "Parked." (Mine says Unparked because I have done this process before)

Step Four:
Finally, hit "Unpark All," wait for that to be done loading, and you are done! You can feel free do delete the program, and you will be fine.

Alrighty then my fellow gamers. I hope that I helped you guys out, and hopefully (if you weren't already) you can now enjoy your games! Happy gaming! :)