Configure Active Directory Integrated DNS Zone in Windows Server 2012 DNS Server

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When a DNS server role is installed and configured on an Active Directory domain controller itself, by default it is configured to store its information in the Active Directory database. With the help of this default configuration, the DNS replication takes place along with the replication process of the Active Directory, which is comparatively securer and also it does not require any administrative overhead that the administrators would otherwise have to face in order to configure the DNS replication separately.

Apart from the above scenario, if the DNS server is an Active Directory domain controller itself, and due to any reason it is not configured to have an Active Directory integrated DNS zone, in this tutorial you can learn how you can configure the server this way.

Here is how you can configure the Windows Server 2012 DNS server to have the Active Directory integrated DNS zone:

  • Log on to the Windows Server 2012 DNS server using the Enterprise Admin or Domain Admin account credentials.
  • If not already started, initialize the Server Manager window from the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Once the Server Manager window is initialized, from the left pane, click to select the DNS category.
  • From the right pane, under the SERVERS section, right-click the DNS server.
  • From the context menu that appears, click DNS Manager.
  • On the opened DNS Manager snap-in from the left pane, expand the server name (DC-01.MYDOMAIN.COM for this demonstration), and then expand Forward Lookup Zones.
  • From the expanded list, click to select and then right-click the domain name. (MYDOMAIN.COM for this demonstration.).
  • From the displayed context menu, click the Properties option.
  • On the opened domain’s properties box, make sure that the General tab is selected.
  • On the displayed interface, click the Change button opposite to the Type label.
  • On the Change Zone Type box, check the Store the zone Active Directory (available only if DNS server is a domain controller) checkbox.
  • Once done, click OK, and back on the domain’s properties box, click OK again to save the changes.
  • Back on the DNS Manager snap-in, right-click the server name. (DC-01.MYDOMAIN.COM for this demonstration.).
  • From the displayed context menu, go to All Tasks, and click Restart from the submenu that appears.
  • Wait till the DNS service restarts before the DNS server starts working using the modified settings.