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How Can I Set Alternate UPN Suffix on Multiple Domain Accounts Simultaneously?

This Tutorial addresses:
When you configure alternate UPN suffix on a domain controller, it is likely that you will configure several user accounts and use the alternate UPN suffix that you have created.

If the user accounts that you want to use the alternate UPN suffix reside in different organizational units or containers, you might need to select them separately, and sometimes individually, to set the said configuration. On the other hand, if multiple accounts that you want to configure reside within a same container, you can expedite the overall configuration process by selecting multiple user accounts, and setting the alternate UPN suffix for them simultaneously.

By setting alternate UPN suffix for multiple user accounts simultaneously, you can save you decent amount of time that you would have to spend otherwise, if you had to configure each domain user account this way individually.

Here is how you can set alternate UPN suffix on multiple Windows Server 2012 Active Directory domain user accounts simultaneously:

  1. Log on to the Windows Server 2012 Active Directory domain controller with the Enterprise Admin or Domain Admin account credentials.

  2. If not already started, initialize the Server Manager window from the bottom left corner of the screen.

  3. On the opened Server Manager window, go to the Tools menu from the menu bar.

  4. From the displayed list, click Active Directory Users and Computers.

  5. On the opened Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, from the left pane, expand the current domain name. (MYDOMAIN.COM for this demonstration.).

  6. From the expanded tree, locate the target OU that contains the domain user accounts on which you want to set the alternate UPN suffix.

  7. Once located, from the right pane, select the multiple domain user accounts by pressing down and holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard while clicking on the accounts individually.

  8. Once all the domain user accounts are selected, right-click any of the selected account.

  9. From the displayed context menu, go to Properties.

  10. On the opened Properties for Multiple Items box, go to the Account tab.

  11. On the displayed interface, check the UPN suffix checkbox.

  12. From the enabled drop-down list, choose the desired UPN suffix that you want to set for the selected user accounts. (Make sure you have created the UPN suffixes before you plan to choose them for the user accounts.).

  13. Click OK to save the changes and to close the Properties for Multiple Items box.

  14. Finally close the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in as well.

  15. All the modified accounts should now be able to log on to the domain using the alternate UPN suffix as specified.

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