Even Hidden Texts Are Printed In MS Word 2013

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MS Word 2013 has many useful formatting options that are quite useful in making a Word document more readable and organized. These formatting symbols are usually not visible in the document. However sometimes, you may have accidently changed the default options, or may have installed an incompatible application that has altered these settings, and because of this you are viewing some text that are supposed to remain hidden upon printing in MS Word.

The printed documents contain texts that were not visible on the Word document’s screen while editing, but are visible upon printing. There can be two reasons that may be causing this issue to arise.

The first cause of this issue can be because you may have accidentally moved the indents at the top border scale to set the text outside the page’s vicinity. To fix this, you will have to follow the below described simple steps:

  1. Initialize MS Word application from Start menu.

Restart MS Word and try printing the same document. Your document will no longer display hidden text while printing.