How to enable Cheats/Mods on the Origin Version of Dragon Age: Origins

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How to enable Cheats/Mods on the Origin Version of Dragon Age: Origins

In this tutorial we will be enabling the developer console and mods in Dragon Age: Origins. If you own the disc copy or a steam copy, there are hundreds of guides online but as there are none for the Origin version, this tutorial will cover that.

Step 1
Go to your Origin Client and right click on Dragon Age: Origins. Select "Game Properties"

Step 2
Type in "-enabledeveloperconsole" in the space provided and click "apply"

Step 3
Navigate to the folder where your keybinding settings are at. It should be in your documents following this path: D:\Users\(Name)\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings. Once you locate the file open it with notepad.

Step 4
Find where is says "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_" and then after the Button_ type in "Tilde" so it looks like this: This will mean that in order to open the developer console in game you must press ~

Step 5
Now the developer console is installed but when you press ~ you will not see any text but it will be active. We can fix this with a mod that enables developer console text. Head on over to this link and download this file.

Step 6
Navigate to D:\Users\(User)\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core and place the file we just downloaded in the folder named "data" (make sure you extract the file we just downloaded).

Also, If you install any other mods you will place them in either the "data" or "overdrive" folder. Further instructions can be found when you download the mod as every mod is different!

Step 7
Now you should run the game from Origin and press ~ and it will work! Here is a list of all the commands you can put in!

Dragon Age: Origins is already an amazing game but it just gets better with mods! Please note that it is possible to get banned for modding but I have never heard of anyone banned for modding single player dragon age games.

Thanks for Reading :)