I Have a Cue File. How Can I Convert It Into ISO Using UltraISO?

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UltraISO is one of the frequently used virtual disc manager. Ultra ISO creates disc’s virtual image that can be used on any virtual disk drive just like a normal physical disc. The images that the UltraISO makes is by default in ISO format. These images are very easy to implement and are very commonly understood by different programs and over different genre of users.

There are several formats available for making a disc image. Some are more popular than other but they still serve the same task. CUE file format is also an image format but it is not as popular as ISO. As a general practice you may want to group files according to their formats, and it will be easier if you group them in a unified file format.

Converting your CUE image file to ISO could be an option for you while arranging and managing different files. Since the ISO files are universally accepted and recognized by different programs and operating systems, changing all other image formats to ISO will surely benefit you.

If you have a CUE file, you may feel the need to convert it into some popular file format like ISO, and in order to do so, you will have to follow the below described procedure:

  • Initialize your UltraISO program, from the Start menu of your computer.
  • On UltraISO main interface, click on the convert icon from the standard toolbar situated in the top pane of UltraISO. Alternatively you can also click Tools > Convert.
  • On the Convert box that opens up, click the browse button under the Input Image Filename(s) field
  • On the browser window that opens up, locate the target .CUE file and click Open.
  • Back on the Convert box, under the Output Directory field, browse and locate the output directory as you did in steps 3 and 4.
  • Click to select the radio button before Standard ISO (.ISO), under the Output Format section, and hit OK to convert.