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Give a DIV an Already Created CSS Design Using Class and Id's in Dreamweaver

This Tutorial addresses:
By using classes and IDs on divisions to give CSS effect on your webpage provides a neater and organized look to the webpage. These classes and IDs of the CSS file can be called and used at any point while implementing the document.

You can give the same set of CSS designs to more than one DIV of a page, and similarly give a DIV more than one CSS designs by calling multiple CSS classes inside a DIV to construct your HTML page.

If you wish to provide a DIV some CSS design that is already available in a class or ID, you can do so by calling the particular class or ID inside the DIV.

Here’s how:

  1. Initialize the Dreamweaver 7.0 program from the Start menu.

  2. On the interface, select Insert from the menu bar.

  3. From the drop-down list that appears, click on Div.

  4. On the Insert Div box, click the arrow facing downwards after the Class section.

  5. From the drop-down list that opens up, select the target class, and hit OK.

  6. On the interface, select File from the menu bar.

  7. Click on Save from the drop-down to save the changes.

  • The division that you just made will have all the CSS designs that are implemented on that class. If you are using the class structure to implement CSS, you will not have to provide the CSS styles using the style tags again and again on a division that has similar designs.

    Note: While calling CSS class or ID, always remember that the ID or class is defined properly with the same syntax, on the same document, or the HTML webpage. If you are using a separate CSS file, you should not forget to link the CSS file at the beginning of the HTML page.
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